Verify the identity and creditworthiness of your customers in seconds - accurately and privately.

The world’s best KYC/AML solution on the market today.

Financial businesses use FINPASS to transform their customers’ experience while onboarding and applying for new products.

A modern take on meeting compliance needs

  • Application conversion rates
    Increase the number of conversions on leads by reducing the barriers to onboarding
  • Onboarding times
    Reduce the time spent waiting for customers to be verified and confirmed
  • Onboarding and compliance costs
    Reduce the cost of the neccesary compliance by outsourcing the process to us
  • Customer experience
    Improve the customer experience by ensuring the process is short and sweet


CAC down – 10%
Conversions up 20%.
Compliance costs down – 20%
Onboarding times decreased by 30%
Results may vary*

FINPASS will change the way you run your business for the better.

The Financial Passport (FINPASS) is a regtech solution that uses blockchain and machine learning to store and deliver information lenders need to issue credit products fast.
Easy to implement into your current operations, FINPASS simplifies the entire account opening compliance and creditworthiness information gathering needed for you to offer your services quickly to your customers.

The benefits of FINPASS

Digital KYC
FINPASS allows you to instantly validate your user’s identity and increase customer conversions on your platform or app
AML Checks
Rest assured knowing that the customers onboarded through FINPASS have passed their sanction searches
Income Verification
When dealing with individuals who own their own businesses, take comfort in knowing their income has been verified
Credit Score
Knowing and understanding your customers' credit score upfront can help reduce fraud and increase conversion rates

Questions Are Welcome

Have a question about how FINPASS can work for you? Drop us a line anytime. We’d love to hear from you.