Kyle Boyko

September 1 2018

A new website

After a couple of months of planning and organizing our thoughts, we are releasing the first installment of our website for FINPASS.
We decided to build our website under the watchful eye, skill and direction of the crew at Dawson Andrews. They are amazing. Building an online identity for your company is not simple. They tackled the challenge head on and did a great job and produced a great product. It takes a lot of internal reflection on who you are as individuals working at the company, and what your customers would expect from an aesthetic point of view.
For example, having a nightclub event look like the FINTRAC website simply would be ridiculous. There is an expectation that the festive nature of the event will be communicated through the website, which includes colour, font, imagery, and so on even if the general information is the same. However, on the reverse, the government wants to be taken seriously in terms of its compliance measures for financial transactions and reports so the website is built to keep your focus on the dry task at hand (or if you’re like us, the exciting task of compliance, we love it – it is our nightclub).
With, we have set out to build a website that had the flavouring of a ‘passport’ and a government website (FINPASS = a passport but for finance and banking). This is because your financial identity is sensitive, important information. You take it seriously, and so do we.
At Sqirl (our company name that owns the Financial Passport) we understand how important this information is and have built our products around the idea of “security”, “safety”, “serious”. A website that resembles a government website ‘in spirit’ seemed natural to us as those websites emit the same sense of importance.
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