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Our short intro to FINPASS is seen above. We invite you to learn more on how FINPASS can directly apply to your companies’ operations quickly and stress free.

Bank-grade KYC identity verification

Knowing your customer has never been easier, or quicker. onboard users who have already been through KYC and sanction searches

FINTRAC and FINCEN / AML regulations are a universal digital reality. Utilizing a users FINPASS allows you the confidence of knowing these regulations are satisfied.

Easy to get started software

Our software is the worlds most secure and easy to use customer information file (CIF) in the world. We easily embed into your current product suite in a seamless fashion optimizing onboarding and conversion rate.

Credit Scoring

Instantly have access to a FINPASS users credit history and score. Allowing you to make lending decisions as fast as they onboard.

Commercial business adaptable

Instantly have access to a FINPASS users businesses information credit history and score. FINPASS is suitable for lenders who lend to businesses as FINPASS has a logic developed to break down and asses a business’s health, allowing you to make lending decisions fast.

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