We take our users’ security and privacy concerns seriously.

We strive to ensure that user data is kept securely, and that we collect only as much personal data as is required to provide our services to users in an efficient and effective manner.

We use some of the most advanced technology for security that is available today.

Data Location

All data associated with our service is stored only in Canada -- we are a 100% Canadian service, with all infrastucture, data storage, and staff located physically in Canada.

Data Encryption

Data that is collected and utilized in our service offering is stored at rest in an encrypted state. This is not only limited to your login details. We ensure that all the data that comprises a FINPASS is stored in the most secure means possible.

User Authentication

User data, and user profile related data is isolated within the user's FINPASS instance. User accounts have unique usernames, passwords and secret keys that govern internal actions. 2FA is utilized to ensure that each login session can only be initiated by the owner of the account.


FINPASS utilizes blockchain technology to deliver data in a secure and immutable action. The blockchain provides users the comfort of knowing that each transaction has been verified and can be audited. The smart contract ensures that only the correct party receives the matching key to access the data.

Data Protection: Compliance

We adhere to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which governs how private sector Canadian organizations collect, use and disclose personal information in the course of commercial business.
All data collected via our platform is stored only on infrastructure physically located in Canada. We have no affiliates outside of Canada, and no foreign body has authority to compel the production of information.
We are compliant with PIPEDA (The Personal Information Protection and Electronic documents Act) which helps companies meet the mandatory provisions of the protection of person information.

Questions Are Welcome

Have a question about how FINPASS can work for you? Drop us a line anytime. We’d love to hear from you.